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26 February
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Take Me On The Floor
Really, if you're here, there's probably not much you need to know you don't already. I live in Iowa, but I don't live on a farm, and can't stand cows or pigs. Oh, and the corn? Don't go there. After getting lost in a corn maze at a birthday party once, I wouldn't be sad if I didn't see another stalk in my life. Aside from that...a lot of random stuff, really. Just know that my life is basically friends, drama, shopping, and boys. Yeah, I know. The not so secret life of the American teenager. Just so typical.

When It All Falls Apart
My interests are...obviously listed below. Just to hit the major stuff, I love all the GossipGirl type stuff. You, know the scandalous boarding school novels. Not just Gossip Girl - It's All About Us is basically awesome, too. That's the version I take to school with me, they're not as scandalous. I basically am up on what's hot, and that's basically what I'm into. There's not a star in Hollywood I haven't heard of, for better or for worse. So if you need to know something involving entertainment, like, music or movies or celebs or stuff? I'm you girl. Yeah, I do like someone at school. Get over it.

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